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Walking Dead Comic Book Series: Reviews, Opinions, & A Dash of Pictures

I’ve been following the news on the new AMC series The Walking Dead since the early announcement of it’s development, because I love AMC, comics and zombies. For a full time geek who consumes TV, movies and books at an unhealthy rate, it’s the trifecta of potential in episodic format. Then, casting news announced Sarah Wayne Callies had landed a role in the pilot.

Hell, this shit suddenly got really good.

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Teh Conesy Wave

Summer Reading: Yes, I read a poem once, try not to faint

   I’ve been in this haze like state of existence since I got home. It’s equal parts exhaustion and culture shock. The shock being I’m no longer in an enormous bustling urban hive where there are coffee shops on every block, I can take public transportation everywhere and my food haunts are open till 2 am, but I’m in the country. The country, where the nearest cafe is 40 miles away, I have to drive everywhere, and in Fresno everything promptly closes at 11 pm. Also I’m pretty sure I got called a hippie the other day, however it's Fresno, it amuses me instead of offends.

  That said, something came in the mail today that jump started my poor city deprived brain-
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Lip Synch Project...

Has the potential to be truly epic. It's due in 7 days and I've been wracking my brain over what to do. Essentially the final project is take a song, any song, and make as accurate of a costume you can and preform it like the singer would in the play or music video. A lot of stuff that I generally like off of Broadway tend to be ensembles or duets so the final list is down to these-Collapse )
Teh Conesy Wave

Happier Now...

Because a) got sleep and b) I just got My Neighbor Tortoro on DVD during a trip to Japantown & Blick for summer supplies (I've just learned to stock up on what I want for the summer, because you can't find it in the valley). While out of my growing collection of Myazaki films, Monoke is hands down my favorite, Tortoro is just this big, warm, colorful movie.  It really doesn't have a structured plot but that's okay, because it's this happy acid trip with multi legged cat buses (that apparently have testicles), and giant forest spirits that look like rabbits on steroids that fly around on tops. It also came with a cool little lithograph of the raining bus stop scene where Satsuki is standing there holding the umbrella and Tortoro is next to her  with the leaf on his head. Apparently there's also a storyboard presentation of the film on the special features disc, which, I will be watching intensely when I have time to be intense.

Also, apparently Beauty and the Beast is coming out on Disney Diamond edition, which is their high-def remastered DVD. I'm really excited about that one, as chasing down that DVD for my library has been impossible.

Off to more work, as well as hunting down Terry Whitlatch video tutorials...

I need to one of San and her brothers the demi-spirits,

I Want To Curl Up.....

And sleep forever. Or teleport home and sleep forever with my giant lion cat curled up next to me. Either way there's tons of sleeping involved and NO FUCKING WORK.

I'm extra tweaked right now because
a) a combination of poor nutrition from the cafeteria, sleep deprivation and stress has caused my skin to become CONSTANTLY ITCHY & DRY. Like, can't sleep without heavy duty drowsiness meds itchy.
b) my folks and Grandma came up for Mother's Day weekend. and while I love my parents and my grandma, I wasted too much time seeing them as I was obligated too (Grandma is not well and this was her definitely her last trip up to SF).
c) Grandma is a constant source of added stress, because as much as I love her, she's critical, high maintenence and really doesn't regard anyone's feelings. ie; you know that cliche scene in a rom com where the matriarch of the family basically flat out asks the female lead over dinner when she's getting married and having kids? I had the moment this weekend. I had that moment and many other frustrating moments that were about my looks, my weight, my profession, my lack of relationship, lack of procreation, and a few other things I think I've managed to repress.
d) I just left class early. I've got a lot of funky health issues and the Academy attendance policy screws me over constantly. A lot of times I don't HAVE to go to a doctor, but I NEED to stay home (and if I went to a doctor for the goddamn note, it would wind up being a very expensive bill. There's also a good chance a doctor would look at me like I'm crazy, because one of the conditions I have is only treated by 4 people in the world and no one else seems to know about it as it's that rare). I always make sure I stay up to date in class and give my all, but when I feel bad in class and I can't work through it, it's time for me to go before I get worse. And the thing is with this class is that my instructor seems to not care, or not believe me or something.

Ugh.... well.... Castle's on tonight... that usually makes me happy....

Also, I want to change my username here. I was thinking PopTartDragon, because I'm strange like that.
That. Was. Awesome.

The Prize!


So many awesome references. Mad Max, Predator, First Blood, Terminator, The Warriors, Highlander, Scarface, Die Hard, plus pot shots at Glee and Chang looking like he stepped out of a fucking John Woo film.

For someone who watches an unhealthy amount of media. That. Was. Magical.

Industry Rant: Avatar

So I'm watching my copy of Avatar right now because I'm wide awake, scripting, figuring out classes, thinking about creature design, all that jazz. However I'm also breaking this movie down, because while I thought it was a beautiful, entertaining 3 hr romp; I didn't drool over Pandora, want a Ekran or go see the damn thing a billion times like a few people I know. I had a lot of problems with the script, mainly because while Cameron can frame a scene like a BAMF, he writes so fucking hamfisted. So fucking hamfisted you roll your goddamn eyes through so much of his obvious, cookie cutter dialog and character choices. I'm not saying that I could do any better, but for a man that commands a budget that is said to be near a billion dollars, let's at least know less is more and you're not a genius for naming the catalyst of the movie unobtainium (oh my god that's so metaphoric!).

Digressing (I really like to pick on this movie don't I?) I found after my second watching of Avatar the one thing that could be edited out that would make it so much more layered. Getting rid of Sully's Voice Overs. That's it! Once you completely ignore his V.O. constantly stating of the obvious, there's actual meat to the story. From what I've learned in my rudimentary, mostly self taught foray into creative writing, you just don't do it, don't state the obvious. Frame it in a way (whether be novel, comic, board, whatever), show it in a way that allows the viewer to see it themselves instead of being all 'So this giant dragon is the biggest cat in the sky, I figure he doesn't look up, so he won't see me flying above him' right as the camera fucking pans to your character flying above the creature who you've already mentioned in a previous seen is called 'the last shadow'. You've already set this scene up! You've already dropped hints this is an apex predator that is known to swoop down on unsuspecting victims. Just the visual of Navi soaring over and preparing to drop allows the audience to make the connection. Don't have your character wink, wink, nudge, nudge. I know the V.O.s are to get us to relate to Sully and let us see how he ticks, but they're unneeded, bloated and actually bring the quality of the storytelling down. Like way down, like, annoy the fuck out of me down because it's already half Dances with Wolves and half Pocahontas with a shaved cast of CATS.

I'm really not shitting about the Pocahontas thing either.

I get way too easily annoyed with this type of crap nowadays. I think I need to watch a Disney movie right now.... like Beauty and the Beast... yeah... that was a solid script... I like the sound of that...
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