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What A Crazy Random Happenstance

latte fueled entertainment.

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The last one was pretty old, so until I get something all shiny and photoshopped up this'll do.

Photobucket Call me Ash, not Ishmael. A twenty-something who doesn't enjoy long walks on the beach or sunsets*. Currently at an art school in San Francisco learning classical animation, more specifically the severely underrated art of storyboarding. Nightowl by birth, geek by choosing, more lover than fighter, wearer of plaid**, lover of the color green, namer of her computer, sister to a black lab named Nikki, pet to a cat named Levi, distrusting of robots, prepared for zombies, addict of the internet, and connoisseur of many types of books, shows, movies and music.

Photobucket I like to write, a lot. This is somewhat apparent on my LJ. Always appreciate honest opinions on my work, positive or negative. All the feedback is read and considered.

I leave you with some sweet Pirate vs. Ninja action-

*Long walks on the beach murder the calf muscles, and sunsets are the end, and the end is always sort of depressing. Sunrises are where it's at because they're the beginning of a new day and you can get waffles right afterwards.

**It's back in style! Yeeeeeeeeah!

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